Clarius was developed and is manufactured by NuTesla Corp. All NuTesla Instruments feature Rhythmedics® patent pending Scalar-PHI Bio-Pulses™ which are comprised of precise alternating polarity electromagnetic square waves following natural Circadian Rhythm patterns derived from a Fibonacci fundamental frequency quartz crystal. Bio-Pulses unique format generates scalar components, a special standing wave used by Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago. NuTesla uses Rife frequencies as well as the ancient Solfeggio musical notes and other specific frequencies in their proprietary ultradian format restore your body’s natural rhythms, increasing wellness, improving focus and attention while reducing stress and interrupting potentially harmful EMI.

All NuTesla instruments support USB 2.0 functionality and can enumerate as a standard USB Flash Drive to support updating and customization of its programming. All instruments include Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) measurement to gauge your personal wellness as well as a therapy program customized to your measured CFF Number. Frequency sliding transitions between frequency program steps support harmonic resonances for an even broader spectrum of healthy energies. Designed and built in the USA with the highest quality materials, including heavy gold plating for all component contacts and integrated Sacred geometry using gold embedded in the Bio-Pulses pathway, all instruments come with a one year limited warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.


Compact 2½” by 2½” by 3/8” USB powered instrument with high-power electromagnetic emitter array creating a personal energy field of attention focusing and stress reducing clear energy. The standard base program is a broad spectrum energy clarifier featuring 30 specific Rife frequencies delivered over a repeating ninety minute Ultradian Rhythmic format.


Clarius can be used both to clarify and energize personal objects and to create a personal clear energy space within several feet of the instrument. Personal items such as keys, jewelry, glasses, wallet, etc. can be placed on or near Clarius to clear and recharge the energy signatures in the objects. Clarius can even clear the energy in your drinking water and food by placing the container within Clarius’ clear energy field. It is recommended that when used for clearing your personal space Clarius be placed between you and your computer or other emitters of EMI.

Preset Programs

Clarius supports up to 8 Preset Clarity Programs and includes four popular Preset Programs, each featuring 30 three minute steps following NuTesla’s proprietary “Bell Curve” format to create a repeating 90 minute Ultradian Cycle. The included Program 1 is a broad spectrum set of higher Rife frequencies designed to quickly clear and recharge the space surrounding it to improve the user’s focus and attention. The included Program 2 also clears and recharges and does so with Rife frequencies blended with the Solfeggio scale used in Chakra balancing for a more centered and grounded effect, including the all important 528Hz and 639Hz heart energy frequencies. Preset Program 3, Body Blaster, includes wellness promoting Rife frequencies covering a broad spectrum of physical complaints. Preset Program 4, Higher Consciousness, features frequencies to expand one’s awareness based on the Out-Of-Body work of Robert Monroe (NuTesla is not associated with the Monroe Institute). Other Preset Programs will be available for free trial downloads at

Power Supply

Included is a 5 volt Mini-B USB international (110V-240V AC 50Hz-60Hz) power adapter. EU users may request a US flat to EU round prong adapter to be included at no additional cost. Clarius may also be powered from a computer’s USB port delivered over the included A to Mini-B connector.

Controls and Indicators

Clarius features a Spectrum Light Emitting Diode (SLED) on the top of the instrument and two dome pushbutton switch on the bottom. The Spectrum LED lights difference colors to indicate the status of the instrument and which program is currently running. When power is first applied to Clarius it runs a series of self tests and when they pass the Spectrum LED transitions from Red to White in color and then flashes six times to indicate the instrument version and serial number. The SLED then flashes every ten seconds when the program is running to indicate whether Program 1 (Red) or Program 2 (Amber) is running. The dome pushbuttons on the bottom are used both to change programs and to enter the Critical Flicker Fusion measurement program.


Clarius is self starting and restarting and only requires being plugged into a 5V USB power source to operate. The last run program automatically loads every time. The running program is changed by pressing the SELECT dome pushbutton switch on the bottom of the instrument. The Spectrum LED on the top of the instrument will flash the color of newly selected program and then flash a two flash ‘heart-beat’ every ten seconds to indicate which program is running. Clarius will always load and run the new program until the user again presses the SELECT dome pushbutton switch. The SETUP dome pushbutton switch on the bottom of the instrument is used to enter and operate the Critical Flicker Fusion measurement program. If using Clarius to clear the energy around your work or study space, plug it into a USB power source and place it within 1 meter of you. If using a computer it is recommended to place it between you and the monitor, or near the keyboard. When using Clarius to clear and energize personal objects, simply plug it into a USB power source and place the objects either directly on top off or underneath Clarius, or within 6 inches of the instrument. The closer the objects are the more quickly they will be cleared and energized with the positive frequencies.

Critical Flicker Fusion

To activate CFF the user presses and releases the SETUP dome pushbutton switch on the bottom. The Spectrum LED will flash Red six times to confirm you are entering CFF measuring. Clarius should now be held close to the user’s face with the Spectrum LED directly in front of the user’s dominant eye. The Spectrum LED will now appear to be lit Red continuously, when it is actually turning on and off at a very high frequency. When the user sees the Red Spectrum LED begin to flicker, or pulsate, the SETUP dome pushbutton switch is pressed once to stop the test. Your two digit CFF number is then displayed as a series of Spectrum LED flashes of White for the first number (the tens digit) followed by a brief pause and then Green the one’s digit number. The value for zero is represented by a Blue flash of the Spectrum LED. The user should record his or her CFF rate for comparison to previous and future measurements. Following the CFF number display Clarius will now run your CFF number for 10 minutes as a therapeutic program prior to restarting Program 1. When running the CFF program the Spectrum LED will flash twice in the heart-beat format every ten seconds. At the conclusion Clarius will restart the last run Preset Program.

Customer Updates

Clarius’ programs can be updated by using NuTesla’s proprietary flash-drive interface. Simply press and hold down the SETUP dome pushbutton while connecting Clarius to your computer’s USB port. Clarius will then enumerate as a small flash-drive and a pop-up window should appear. Open the flash-drive and open the NuTesla.htm file that appears. This will display the configured Preset Programs and provide a link to redirect you to a secure area of the NuTesla website to allow you to download trial programs which are simply dropped on to the Rhythmedics flash-drive.