Kathy from Simpsonville, SC says,

“I work at a fairly large manufacturing plant, about 1400 employees. Every day since using the Clarius I have noticed people congregating at or near my cubicle. People will stop to have conversations near me or come into the cubicle. Since it is such a huge increase from before I know it is because of the Clarius. I find it interesting that subconsciously our bodies know where to go to get the good stuff. “

Angelica from Los Angeles, CA says,

“Thanks again so much and we are excited to learn more and share this with all of our friends and clients. I tested it on a client who suffers from OCD, PTSD and addiction and the second he was around Clarius he felt calm and present.”

Abel from Jonesboro, GA says,

“After using [Clarius] program 4 for a brief time it changed something. I was more aware of my breathing, of my posture and of where my center of balance was. It was like it cleansed me in such a way that I was more aware of what was going on around me.”

Sara from Black Mountain, SC says,

“After a week of running the [Clarius] Body Blaster program several hours a day, I feel so peaceful and relaxed and happy.”